Nicolet Boon creating a new illustration of a girl with flowers

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Woman enjoying the summer warmth and sunshine in a lavish garden

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Woman holding an ipad and pencil, drawing flowers.

Hi! I’m Nicolet. Lovely to meet you.

As a child I did nothing but draw. As I grew older, I forgot how much pleasure it gives me to put my own fantasy world on paper. A few years ago I spontaneously bought a sketchbook and I haven’t stopped drawing since. I soon expanded to water color and gouache.

But ever since becoming the proud mother of two girls, digital illustration is the perfect way for me to incorporate drawing into a busy life. Easily tidied up, quickly picked up again and taken anywhere; me and my Pad and Pen are never too far apart.

My Drawings

Nature, spirituality and positivity often emerge in my drawings.

I draw in detail and quite realistically. But it really is reality in my way. If I find something important, it gets more attention in the drawing. Even if the proportions are not quite right.

When I work on my illustrations, I tend to disappear a bit into the drawing. I do everything I can to make that world as beautiful as possible.

From drawing to print

I truly draw for my own happiness. If I could i would truly draw all day, every day. And well into the night. But after getting encouraged to have some of my drawings printed and ‘see if people like them’, drawing gave me even more happiness. In this way I hope to spread a bit of ‘my’ world into the real world. And to make the world – drawing by drawing – just a little more beautiful, softer, warmer and more positive.

I’d love to hear from you

If you have any questions about ordering cards, prints or would like to commission a personalised drawing, please contact me through email: or send me a DM on instagram! I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.